Promote the development of organic and green beverage industry

At the end of 2016, the company merged into intelligent automatic packaging machinery, which provided strong support and service for the launch of the Dali Group's "Bean This Bean" project of the leading beverage company, boosting the development of the organic and green beverage industry and serving Asian health to enhance the quality of life. For beverages, soymilk is a healthy drink that is more suitable for the Chinese people and belongs to plant milk. The market capacity of soymilk is twice that of milk, and the market is nearly 100 billion. After the Chengdu Sugar and Wine Association in 2017, the soymilk wind blows across the country, and the entire industry is in hot weather. Frying, there are only dozens of soy milk manufacturers in Guangdong Province. In terms of medicine, the company continued to use its partners in the sub-industry of straight-line blowing machine equipment segmentation. For 15 years, it continued to serve large and medium-sized pharmaceutical industries such as Sichuan Kelun, China Resources Shuanghe, Anhui Fengyuan, Shandong Chenxin and Qidu; The pharmaceutical industry is expected to play a small world in the 25 billion bottle infusion market. Plastic bottle infusion is still the mainstream package material in the market, and the market share of soft bags and straight and soft increases year by year. In 2017, the company participated in two on-site exhibitions, and the results were all different. We are in discussions with a number of interested large and medium-sized companies, such as repeat customers, Panpan Foods, Hunan Dongbao, and Guangzhitang.