Dongguan Eimuse Electronics Co., Ltd

Dongguan Eimuse Electronics Co. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GUANGDONG JINRUNHE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. and was established on June 20, 2013 at No. 200,Wenming Road (Tianxin Section), Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a registered capital of one million. The main business of Renminbi is R&D, production, sales and online sales of electronic products, headphones, and computer peripheral products. Welcome brand agency, OEM and ODM.

The registered trademark of our company's headphone products is: "Eimuse". The brand implied meaning: Listening to music, voice chat, or online games with the headphones can realize the innocence, beautiful and pleasant sounds, and reproduce the real scenes that are vivid and immersive. The word "Eimuse” has no provenance. The cattle are pastors and grazing. "Music" probably means "cattle back Piccolo cowboy." In fact, there is a moving musical story about the "boydie Piccolo": In 1934, Russian composer and pianist Alexander. Tchere-pnine came to China to collect Chinese-style piano works. He Luting, who was studying at the National State Music Academy in Shanghai (1903-1999, Shaodong County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, served as Dean of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music after Liberation, and one of the country’s most outstanding composers of the older generation; his “Guerrilla Song”, Songs such as "Song of the Four Seasons" and "The End of the World" were well-known and popular, and they won the first prize with the "Shepherd Piccolo" application. Since then, Zilpin has brought this piano piece to Europe to be played and published in Japan. Since then, this piano music has been well-known both at home and abroad and has become one of the standing tracks for pianists. The whole song is divided into three sections. The first paragraph is like a faint ink painting. A shepherd boy rides a flute on a cow's back with a flute and roams in the field. His innocent look is loveable. It can be said that this is a self portrait of the author's childhood life. The middle section is a traditional folk dance, written in cheerful rhythms and melody. Finally reproduce the theme of the first paragraph. This piece of music uses the theme of folk flavor, beautiful and pleasant tunes, showing the pure innocence of life. "Horse Piccolo" was a great success and became the first piano music in China to enter the international music scene. It is also the first Chinese piano music with rich national style. It is a creative example of modern piano music creation in China.